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Warsaw, Wola. City guards helped the sick man

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The man was found in the staircase of a building in Wola district. He was run down and had trouble breathing. He did not want to go to the hospital, but received help from city guards who found him shelter.

On Tuesday morning, city guards from the medical patrol controlled the area of ​​a pre-war three-story tenement house at Jana Olbrachta in Wola. “It was almost 10 o’clock when two officers entered the staircase. On the top floor, the guards found a man aged 61. The homeless man was dirty and neglected” – reads the guards’ announcement.

Alarming symptoms

The man complained of shortness of breath, cough and pain in the heart area. The guards measured his temperature and blood saturation. The results were bad.

“Low oxygen saturation in the blood was particularly worrying, but there was also a risk of COVID-19 infection. An ambulance was called. Several minutes later, rescuers did a quick test for the presence of the virus. Fortunately, the result was negative” – ​​said the rangers.

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The man was offered a transfer to the hospital, but the latter refused. Therefore, he was taken to the clinic at Wolska Street. After an examination in a doctor’s office, the intervening guards decided to seek shelter for the 61-year-old.

Now quarantine

“We started calling various centers in search of a free place for a man, but finding him in a state of epidemic is very difficult. Finally, we agreed with the facility at Traktorzystów Street that if the man is sober, in the afternoon he will be admitted to the buffer room for a period of quarantines “- report the guards.

As they add, the man required a visit to the bathhouse. “He agreed to go with the guards to the Caritas facility on Żytnia Street. He took a bath there. He was also given clean clothes, and at the end he was given a meal” – we read in the release. Then the guards transported the 61-year-old to the facility in Ursus, where he was admitted to the buffer room where he will spend the next two weeks. As they pointed out, if he does not develop symptoms of coronavirus infection at that time, the facility staff will find a free place in the shelter after the quarantine ends.

On tvnwarszawa.pl we informed about the Heart of the City – help for people in crisis, which operated in Praga Północ:

The heart of the city operates in Praga PółnocMateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Site Guard in Warsaw

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