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Warsaw. WOW by Wesoła. Why was the environmental decision revoked?

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The reason for the repeal of the environmental decisions for the construction of the Warsaw Eastern Bypass is a formal error on the part of environmental protection authorities, and not a substantive error on the part of designers or GDDKiA – said Małgorzata Tarnowska, spokeswoman for the Warsaw branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways.

Last week we reported that The General Directorate for Environmental Protection has revoked the environmental decision for the Eastern Bypass of Warsaw through Wesoła. It resulted from its decision that four years ago the case was wrongly referred for consideration in Białystok. The Warsaw branch then withdrew from the proceedings because its director, Arkadiusz Siembida, was a resident of Wesoła. It is a commune that has been protesting against construction for several years.

There were two sections of the S17 route from the Drewnica junction to the Ząbki junction and from the Ząbki junction to the Warszawa Wschód junction (Zakręt).


“Formal error on the part of environmental protection authorities”

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A spokeswoman for the Warsaw branch of GDDKiA, Małgorzata Tarnowska, informed that road workers were waiting for justification of this repeal. – We are waiting for a written decision, because so far there is only a notification from GDOŚ about the revocation of the decision on a fragment of S17 – emphasized Tarnowska. She indicated that the document will contain a justification that will allow road workers to decide on further action.

On Tuesday, Tarnowska handed over the road workers’ position on the repeal of environmental decisions for WOW. – The reason for the revocation of environmental decisions is a formal error on the part of environmental protection authorities, and not a substantive error on the part of designers or GDDKiA – said Tarnowska.

– If the decision becomes legally binding, GDDKiA will be able to take steps to proceed with the implementation of these investments – she stressed.

She added that in the annulled environmental decision, the design solutions and the indication of the so-called the green variant as preferred in the environmental decision, which road workers obtained in December 2018. It happened after GDOŚ transferred the proceedings to RDOŚ in Białystok in May 2017.

WOW will be part of the Warsaw Road JunctionGDDKiA

In three steps

The construction of the Eastern Bypass of Warsaw is divided into three stages: the Drewnica – Ząbki section, the Ząbki – Zakręt section and the Zakręt – Lubelska section. Road workers for the first section of WOW are prepared for the announcement of the tender for the design and construction. However, they do not have funding for this piece.

For the second section of Ząbki – Zakręt, the environmental decision has been repealed – i.e. the first document in the construction of roads approving, among others, the route variant. Without it, road builders cannot apply for a ZRID decision (Permit for Road Investment Realization – ed.) And, at a later stage, for a tender for the design and construction of a road.

The last section of S17 Zakręt – Lubelska is already under construction.

Main photo source: tvnwarszawa.pl

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