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Warsaw. ZTM tickets must be scanned. Passengers are complaining. There will be changes

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A week after the changes to the way tickets are purchased through the application, passengers complain that 10 seconds is not always enough to scan the ticket and the QR codes needed for this are not enough. The disadvantages of the new solutions were also pointed out by the former minister of digitization. The Public Transport Authority announces changes.

Previously, it was not necessary to validate tickets purchased from one of several applications. Everyone deleted automatically when the money was withdrawn from the account. But passengers complained that tickets could not be bought in advance. That is why the Public Transport Authority decided to make changes.

10 seconds to scan the ticket

A week ago, new rules for using tickets purchased through applications entered into force. To delete it, you need to scan the QR code found in trams, buses and gates at metro stations with your phone. Reading a ticket using a code was supposed to be child’s play. As ZTM assured, it can be done even from a distance of two or three meters. He announced that the codes would be placed in front of all doors in vehicles.

The passenger has exactly 10 seconds to scan the ticket. What if he has heavy luggage with him, a stroller with a child, or is crowded on the bus or tram? Irrelevant. After 10 seconds, the application blocks the possibility of validating the ticket for five consecutive minutes.

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From April 2, tickets purchased in the application must be validatedUM Warsaw

The system is criticized by the former minister of digitization

She complained about the new system in social media, incl. Anna Streżyńska, former minister of digitization.

“I used jakdojade.pl. After taking my seat, so as not to fall over with my luggage in my hand, I bought a ticket and looked around for the QR code. Of course, the code does not catch from the first place at the door. There is one code in front of each door ( at least 116 I was driving), so you have to get off the seat and go to it to read it. From my place it is partially blocked by the railing. As it took several dozen seconds during which I was balancing on the turn, the application informed me that the deletion was blocked for 5 minutes in accordance with the carrier’s regulations … Well, congratulations. Bravo “- she wrote on Facebook. As she added, she was forced to buy a second ticket.

It was not only the former minister who complained about the changes. Under the post of Warsaw Public Transport on the new method of validating tickets, a discussion broke out, and over half a thousand comments appeared. Mostly criticizing changes. There were voices saying that the time is too short and the codes are too high – there were suggestions to place them, for example, on validators. Some argued that the reason for the changes was that the inspectors were not able to “prove that the ticket was acquired after the inspection began”.

From April 2, tickets purchased in the application must be validatedUM Warsaw

ZTM extends the time for scanning

We asked ZTM spokesman Tomasz Kunert for a comment. – The system works and we have not noticed any major technical problems with its functioning – he said. In his opinion, the number of stickers with codes in vehicles is sufficient – comparable to the number of validators.

Why does the passenger only have 10 seconds to scan the ticket? – The time that was determined resulted from our tests and tests, also in moving vehicles, of the application in the period of several months preceding the introduction of the change. However, because passengers reported that it was too short, from tomorrow, i.e. Friday, April 9, we extend it twice, to 20 seconds, and shorten the blockade period to three minutes, Kunert announced.

He pointed out the advantages of the adopted solutions. – In the new system, you can automatically extend the validity of the ticket – after selecting this option, after the expiry of the validity of one ticket, the next one is automatically validated, there is no need to buy it and cancel it with a code – noted Kunert.

“We received several dozen comments”

He admitted that there were passengers who complained about the new system. – We received several dozen comments on this subject, the change also sparked a discussion on our social media. Passengers mainly pointed out, apart from general opinions, that the change was unnecessary, too short a time to read the QR code, difficulties with scanning when the vehicle is in motion, the location of the stickers with codes (height), the inability to buy and validate a ticket on the metro train. All comments are analyzed by us and we do not rule out corrections – emphasized Tomasz Kunert.

ZTM did not notice a drop in ticket sales after the changes were introduced. – On the first day, i.e. April 2, over 23,000 tickets worth over PLN 77,000 were sold in the applications – he summed up.

On tvnwarszawa.pl we also informed about the announcement of the construction of the third metro line:

The City Hall has announced the construction of the third metro lineTwitter / @ Trzaskowski_

Main photo source: UM Warsaw

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