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Wroclaw. Dominicans apologize for abuses from 20 years ago

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The Dominicans of Wrocław apologized for the abuses that occurred 20 years ago in their academic chaplaincy. “We stand before you in the truth that, despite the passage of years, is revealing its terrifying face more and more clearly,” they wrote on Sunday. They declared a full explanation of the matter.

In a statement published on Sunday, the brothers of the Convent of St. Wojciech in Wrocław write that in the years 1996-2000 there was an “intense mechanism resembling the functioning of a religious sect” as part of the pastoral ministry in Wrocław. “We turn to you with great pain and shame. We stand before you in the truth that, despite the passage of time, is revealing its terrible face more and more clearly” – with these words begins the statement of the Dominicans.


“We are aware of the responsibility for this story”

“The testimonies of the victims – adults at that time – convince us today that the priest of that time, under the guise of piety, caused great harm to the faithful, using physical, mental, spiritual and even sexual violence. The history of these abuses seems distant, but it reaches us in a vivid way in victims of victims who have suffered for years without feeling heard and understood sufficiently, ‘we read in the statement.

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In it, the monks admit that “the more facts they learn, the clearer it also becomes that the help provided to the victims at that time was not adequate to the extent of the harm and not everything was done by the Order to bring them relief and restore their sense of justice.”

“Although none of us was the perpetrator or witness of that evil, we – as Dominicans from Wrocław – are aware of our responsibility for this history and we sympathize with those who were hurt in this place. We want to certify that the victims are victims and perpetrator perpetrator “- they emphasize.

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“We apologize for all evil from the heart”

As they assure, they would like to know “whether the events from twenty years ago are the only dark page in the post-war history of the Dominican ministry in Wrocław”. “We want to confront every evil and, if possible, rectify it and make amends,” emphasize the Dominicans.

They encourage people who – at any time – have suffered harm at the hands of Wrocław Dominicans, to report it in person, by phone or by e-mail.

They announce that they will forward all reports to the competent authorities: the provincial and – if necessary – law enforcement agencies. “We apologize for all evil from our hearts. We are filled with pain to know how difficult it is to repair the harm caused. All the more we want to learn about the mechanisms that prevented the community from seeing the tragedies taking place nearby. in the message.

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“We will announce a request to report abuse in all Dominican churches.”

The case was referred to by the provincial of Polish Dominicans, Father Paweł Kozacki, who emphasized in a statement that he “supports the actions of his brothers from Wrocław aimed at learning the dark pages of Dominican history, redressing the harm and compensation for the injured, and learning about the mechanisms of the indicated drama, which will help draw consequences towards the guilty and avoid evil in the future. “

“Although the Wroclaw case does not concern pedophilia, I would like to inform you that in the coming weeks we will announce a request in all Dominican churches to report cases of sexual abuse committed by Dominicans against minors” – he announced.

He added that they would be examined by a commission composed of lay people independent of the order.

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