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You don’t need to go to the gym, you can go jogging or jogging

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Professor Andrzej Zybertowicz spoke on the air Polsat News about the latest plan of restrictions presented on Saturday by the government. Andrzej Duda’s advisor spoke about the lack of discipline and non-compliance with the recommendations Minister of Health by Poles.

– Please see how much regret we have, cry over gyms, as if it is impossible to do stretching or yoga for several weeks, which does not require equipment, just a little self-discipline

– said prof. Zybertowicz.

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Morning conversation with prof. Andrzej Zybertowicz (January 22, 2019)

No discipline

The advisor to the President of the Republic of Poland argued that exceptional times require discipline. He stressed that gym owners were in a difficult position, but the government had to temporarily close them down due to the risk of infection.

In each country, the administration is prepared to act according to procedures. When they have to be changed overnight, it creates areas of chaos and misunderstanding. Today, few would be able to say which model of dealing with a pandemic in Europe is the most effective. Societies that have a more collective, less individualistic culture have dealt better with the pandemic

– said prof. Zybertowicz.

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Poland as part of the West

Zybertowicz emphasized that Poland is such an individualistic society, therefore we are unable to adapt to new requirements and the unique situation. In addition, we are characterized by a lack of self-discipline and social responsibility.

Unfortunately, Poland is part of the Western world, where the bloated, individualistic ego of many people makes them unable to behave responsibly and their living habits seem more basic to them than the common good

– added the presidential adviser.

26/10/2020, Turin, demonstration against restrictions to stop the spread of the coronavirus.Italians are introducing lockdown again

Zybertowicz recommends exercise

According to Zybertowicz, closing the gym is not an obstacle to taking care of health. As he claims, “you can take care of your health even in a small apartment by doing a daily set of stretching and weight-bearing exercises without using any equipment”. According to the presidential adviser, self-denial and willpower are needed for this.

But it turns out that if someone does not exercise in front of the mirror and does not see how others react to tightening the muscles, there is no motivation

– said prof. Zybertowicz.


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